What is Anime Token?

Anime Token ® aims to be the best cryptocurrency for otaku.

Anime BEP-20 token is a cryptocurrency for anime-fans on the binance smart blockchain. We create professional "Anime Waifus" Anime Token ® is a premium cryptocurrency for hardcore fans..

Collect your waifus with staking anime.
Big Community.
Timeless Token
Anime token on the binance smart chain has extremely low fees.
24/7 Support

Buy And Farm NFT's With Staking Anime

ERC1155 is a multi token standard and includes batch functionality. ERC-1155 is the only token that enables you to create every type of asset, real estate and digital art and videos.

we use ERC1155 on Binance smart chain as NFT

Anime Token Harem

Yamada Hiromi

Hiromi-chan is here to bless our Anime Token and go beyond the moon. Some say that the cat is a symbol of good luck, so Hiromi-chan comes to bring good luck!

Miyata Mari

The school idol Mari-chan is a beautiful and intelligent magician girl. She is a classmate of Yamada Hiromi and is currently working on a powerful spell to manipulate time and space and buy anime tokens for dip prices.

Yua & Yui

The Shinoda twins Yua and Yui, Yua has purple hair, her sister Yui is dyed blue. They are both very shy and naive and always celebrate anime token moonings together.

Shu Qi

Shu Qi studied martial arts for years prior to entering the fighting dojo. She has almost mastered all fighting styles, a legendary martial arts master loving to try alcohol with her friends.

Yuki Mizuki

Yuki is an agile and powerful knight who is loyal & independent, she appears emotionally cold but is actually suppressing her emotions to focus on her goals.